2015 vol 6 Marchこのページを印刷する - 2015 vol 6 March

Journal of Tokushima National Hospital vol 1

The effect of foot massage on walk function and dynamic balance in Parkinson’s disease K Nagase, T Ion, F Ogata, Y Ueda. P42~P44
Investigation into nurses’ awareness of medical equipment alarms in muscular dystrophy ward M Kawami, M Fujimoto, Y Fujimura, Y Abe, H Saimi. P45~P47
Medication management for patients with Parkinson’s disease:The effect of the medicine management chart E Hosokawa, H Fujimoto. P48~P51
The musing that patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy expect:Questionnaire survey on the psychological aspect of the patients E Tsuyuguchi, M Nakauchi, T Teraoku, M Moriki, H Saimi. P52~P54
Beneficial effrct of the foot bath on sensory abuormalities of the lower extremities of patients with Parkinson’s disease E Morimoto, Y Muramoto, Y Ueda. P55~P57

Brief Communications

Effect of trans-spinal repetitive magnetic stimulation on posture and motor function
in Parkinson’s disease Y Sawada, N Uemura, H Taichi, K Kawamichi, M Shimamura,
S Yabuta, S Miyawaki, Y Arii, K Kawamura, T Mitsui. P58~P61

The role of the study assistant in Tokushima National Hospital M Fujimoto, Y Kuroda, M Sogo, T Mitsui. P62~P64
Parkinson’s disease with Sick Sinus Syndrome-A case report- Y Arii, K Kawamura, T Inui, T Mitsui. P65~P68
A case of autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy with peripheral neuronopathy K Kawamura, Y Arii, T Inui, T Mitsui. P69~P71