2016 vol 7 Marchこのページを印刷する - 2016 vol 7 March

Journal of Tokushima National Hospital vol 7

Care of nail hyperplasia of the lower limbs using an electric nail file C Yamada,C Mukai, K Fukuhara, M Yoshioka, M Fujimoto, Y Sato. P39~P40
Effect of lower limb exercise on orthostatic hypotension in patients with Parkinson`s Disease Y Mori, K Nagao, D Kondo. P41~P45
Effect of the mouth care on patients with muscular dystrophy during use of full-faced helmet mask K Sumitomo, K Morimoto, M Imakura, A Masuda C Yamashita, Toshimi Aki. P46~P48

Brief Communications

Hand hygiene using hand rub etnol disinfection preparation Fact-finding regarding healthcare worker A Kyono, R Tani, A Kimura, Y Abe, A Goto, H Saimi. P49~P50
Effect of the glycerine water solution on skin trouble around the gastric fistula Y Morikawa, Y Nakayama, M Sonoki, M Hamano, M Watanabe, Y Sato. P51~P53
Evaluation for the service of the nursing staffs: Opinion of the patients undergoing prolonged hospitalization in the myoneural ward A Kondo, Y Kakimoto, M Katayama, A Kawano, Y Oike. P54~P55
Tokushima An autopsy case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Y Arii, Y Osaki, Y Izumi, T Mitsui. P56~P60